Caroline and Danny

Passionate. Beautiful. Kind. Caring. These are just a few words that I can think of to describe Caroline. First time I met Caroline we hit it off right away and found ourselves gushing over wedding ideas, dresses, make-up… The more I got to spend time with her and Danny, the more I liked them. Danny is a sweet soul. I was so honored that I got to be a part of his and Caroline’s wedding day. I stood aside of the reception room and admired. I admired how happy and close their family is. Danny dancing with his mother brought tears to my eyes…. (one day I will dance like that with my boys on their wedding day). Caroline and Danny I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. (Tamara)

I loved spending the morning with Danny and the family. I have to say it made me a bit nostalgic. I love ethnic weddings. No one can express the love like the warmhearted Italians. It was as if for those few hours I was in a different land at a different time. So much pride so much love so much emotion is put into everything starting with family, friends, vine, prosciutto, olives and coffee. Mama Emma, what can I say, she made me feel as if I was at home. Papa Savario a proud father and vine maker a wonderful host, I could not refuse his hospitality that included home made vine and a fresh panini filled with homemade prosciutto and olives. It truly was a treat and honor to spend the morning at 78 Cowan Bld. Maybe I will come back again but this time as a student of fine traditional Italian cuisine, studying under Mama Emma. She promised to show me how to make best pizza sauce and pizza dough in the world. Danny and Caroline you are really blessed to be surrounded with such loving family and friends, we are so happy for you. (Vlado)

P.S. A special thanks to Donna, Caroline’s sister for a touching speech that we incorporated in this blog.

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